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February 21, 2017

Top 5 common myths about mold in your home

The Myths About Mold

1. All molds are toxic.
Not quite true. Only a few can cause health problems under certain conditions.

2. Black mold is the worst.
There are many molds that are black. But however threatening a mold may look, you cannot determine toxicity by color.

3. Mold only grows in warm and humid climates.
Certain kinds of mold have adapted to survive in almost any climate. But most flourish in temperatures between 60° and 100° F.

4. Old buildings have more mold problems than new construction.
Actually; newer builds may have more problems because their tighter insulation allows moisture to build up inside.

5. Using bleach eliminates mold.
Bleach can control mold growth on surfaces, but often does not affect the source of the problem. Also, bleach should not be used on porous materials or metals.

To learn more about mold and how to prevent it read:  5 Tips to reduce mold growth

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